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Our fodder needs can be met in more inexpensive and more healthful ways through Özbudak Corn Silage Harvesters with Transmission. Our silage harvester provides maximum efficiency with minimum power for all moving parts of the machine are directly shaft-driven. Therefore your machine works for years without ever damaging the tractor.

Our machine is equipped with a secure system against excessive force. The machine is mounted to the tractor through 3-point hitch hydraulic system. Through the shifting of coupling lever, tractor is easily able to adjust furrow or furrow width on the field. The most significant aspect on the silage harvester is the sharpness of chopper blades. Hardened blades of special steel alloy on our machine can be sharpened by a blade sharpening system in a short time. Chopper blade unit can be reached without effort through a simply-opening funnel system, and required blade adjustment is comfortably done. Consequently, material can be obtained in any size.


: 2.50 m


: 2.30 m


: 3.50 m

Mower Blades

: 2 Adet

Chopper Blades

: 12

Tractor tail shaft rotation

: min. 540 r/min

Chopped material size

: 3-5 mm

Connection to tractor

: 3 point hitch

Working speed

: 10 km/h

Working capacity

: 35 ton/h

Tyre size

: 500 x 8

Tyre air pressure

: 29 psi






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