Importance of Agriculture Machinery in Developing Economies

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Agriculture Machinery refers to the various mechanical devices and structures used on a farm or agricultural setting. There are several classifications of these farm equipment, from simple hand tools and primitive power tools to the countless types of modern farm implements they operate or tow. In recent years, with the advent of computers and technology, there are even more sophisticated systems and machines designed specifically for the agricultural industry. While such machines have been around for many years, there has been an upsurge in their use since the current concerns about food and water supplies have increased.

One of the most important pieces of agriculture machinery is the tiller. These are piece-shaped machines usually powered by electricity or gas that are used to till the soil. This method of farming is necessary for raising the harvested products from the land. The main type of tractors is the combine harvester which combines both planting and harvesting of the crops.

Other types of farm machinery include the following: bailers, seeders, harvesters, ploughs, knives, wheel barrows, excavators, tillers, sprayers, hoes, axes, wagons, fencing and tools. All of these machines are generally classified according to how they operate. The following farm machinery uses electricity or gasoline motors. The following farm machinery operates using natural gas or propane engines. Most of these implements are operated by one person, while larger ones may be operated by two or more persons.

Some farmers do their own equipment repair and maintenance. It is much easier and economical to do so. However, many farmers choose to retain the services of local mechanics and specialists when it comes to repairing and maintaining their agricultural machinery. There is an increasing need for specialized agriculture machinery used for harvesting and marketing. Wheat and feed crops are usually grown with the help of these machines.

Farmers have a greater need to buy agricultural machinery because they grow a bigger quantity of crops in a year than other people. They purchase new equipment every two years or so as they outgrow older models. New models offer better quality and most of the time better price. Agriculture machineries that are used for wheat and feed crops usually need replacement after ten years.

The prices of tractors, harvesters and ploughs have fallen considerably over the past few years. In developing economies, farmers still opt for heavy machineries like diesel tractors, which can work even in difficult weather conditions. India is an example of developing economies where tractor and other agricultural machinery are still very expensive.

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