Types of Agriculture Machinery

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Agriculture machineries refers to the various types of agricultural machines and mechanical structures used on a farm or other agricultural setting. These machines may be operated by hand, by motorized arm, or by fuels such as coal or petroleum. There are numerous kinds of these machines, from simple hand tools and hand powered tractors to the millions of types of farm implements they drive or tow. They range in size from those with a capacity of one acre or less to ones capable of digging deep wells that can support thousands of acres. Some are powered by electricity, some by water pumps, while others run on diesel or gasoline.

Regardless of what type of farm machinery is being talked about, the equipment is designed to make farming more efficient, to increase crop production, and to save time on the part of the farmer. There are three main categories of agriculture machinery, including: those designed to move or lift; those designed to plow; and those that harvest. Within these broad classifications, there are further subcategories, including those designed to assemble various farm products, such as grain elevators or bins, or to feed livestock.

Moving and lifting agriculture machinery usually involves a vehicle such as a forklift. It has a bucket or rack on the front to hold the load, which it will use to pick up and move crops, tillage, trees, or rocks. Other types of this equipment include wire baskets, which are useful for picking up and moving cabbages and onions; and forklift racks, which are useful for plowing fields and sowing alfalfa. Other examples of moving and lifting agricultural machinery include those that are used to transport sacks of flour, oats, or hay from one field to another.

While some farmers operate their machinery manually, others have turned to renting or leasing farming equipment. The primary function of this equipment is to increase productivity by reducing the time it takes to cultivate crops. Many developing economies rely primarily on small-scale farming, because the costs of large-scale farming are prohibitive for most individuals or small farmers. By investing in modern agriculture equipment, developing economies can free up more time for them to pursue other forms of investment and generate more income for their families.

In addition to picking and storing crops, another use for agriculture machinery is to plow and cultivate the soil. Because the soil is so crucial to growing crops, it is necessary to keep it in optimal condition. Tractor plowers are often used to do this work, which can reduce labor requirements dramatically. In addition, some tractors feature a self-propelled snow plow, which can operate on ice and snow covered roads.

Modern farming and fishing require a variety of machines, some of which were developed during the Industrial Revolution. Agriculture, on the other hand, has been around since antiquity. The development of farming techniques is much older than most people think. While the mechanization of the farm did not directly contribute to the creation of vast wealth in industrialized nations, it did dramatically improve the efficiency by which farmers were able to raise their crops. Today’s farmers rely on a combination of modern farm machinery, such as combines, harvesters, plows and sprayers, to increase their yields and protect their crops from harsh weather conditions. These machines have greatly reduced the amount of time needed to grow crops, allowing farmers to work more hours in much more productive ways.

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